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3 iBeacon Apps that will Make Your Jaw Dropped

The development of iBeacon has been a concern these years. The technology itself has proven to give uncountable advantages in business. Started from tiny device that transmits Bluetooth signal, iBeacon has grown into a tiny device that will create smart environment. In this case, iBeacon is trusted to be a highway to create smart environment because iBeacon is a huge stepin Internet of Things.

iBeacon developer is still trying to manage iBeacon technology by creating various apps. These apps are not just a simple apps in which iBeacon will be  a bridge to deliver campaign. These apps below will surprise you about what they can do with iBeacon technology:

1. John Lewis


As a huge department store, there are no reason for John Lewis to not satisfy their customers. Especially when they are major in fashion, homeware, sports, electrical, and online shopping too. Developed by micro-location specialist Localz, John Lewis trials iBeacon technology that will help shoppers avoid queues to pick up click & collect parcels. The system, uses smartphones to identify customers’ exact location. Also automatically triggering a customer’s click & collect order to be picked up as they enter a shop or a carpark. It can also help them navigate their way around a store based on their own online shopping wish list.

2. LiNK

linkedin logo.

LiNK is developed by SurfLabs. The new, two-person company, cofounded by Amazon and Fab.com alums. LiNK is connected with iBeacon. Once your phone caught its signal, LiNK will lead you automatically to the LinkedIn account nearby and you can build your own environment. It is working like when you are at the gathering and you know no one there. LiNK will be connected with iBeacon technology and let you see who’s around you by showing their LinkedIn profile. It will help to recognize whoever around you.

3. IBM’s Healthcare Apps


IBM has released four new enterprise mobile apps—Hospital RN, Hospital Lead, Hospital Tech, and Home RN—the first such apps developed specifically for the healthcare industry. IBM is partnered with Apple as part of its MobileFirst for iOS. The apps, three for iPhone and one for iPad, will “enable care workers to transform workflow to deliver the best patient experience and highest quality care,” according to IBM’s website. And, while iPhones and iPads are the products of choice for many clinicians, it is nurses, not physicians, for whom this first round of apps are designed. Also enabling nurses to “quickly tap into integrated systems of record, task organization tools and iBeacon technology while staying connected to colleagues.”

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