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2016 Prediction for Smart Home and IoT

2015 is almost over. Welcoming 2016, there must be some new things coming. Especially in Smart Home and Internet of Things.

The Next Web is reviewing some big leaps in smart home and IoT for 2016.

Data Makeover

With many activity happening, notification is needed to give user’s data analytic. Today’s users are more informed and in-the-know on their smart home activity, but it’s coming at a cost as the pendulum has swung from few notifications to information overload. IoT companies will need to organize, prioritize and streamline data – and then present it properly.

Household Brand Standard


We are talking about smart home here and it means that our home will be connected and easy to manage. Because of this, in 2016, smart home companies will become household brands versus being seen as cool-but-not-necessary luxury tech products.

Software over Hardware

How to start a smart home? you start with the hardware. You need a smart lamp, you buy a new lamp that can be controlled through smart phone. Want a better thermostat? Buy the new black edition with a touch screen. However, now that IoT companies have mastered hardware, 2016 will be the year of sophisticated, forward-thinking software. Smart home products in 2016 will offer unprecedented technology — so much more than the physical product you see in front of you.

Security, security, and security

With everything is being connected, personal data might be stolen. As IoT products continue to connect more and more aspects of our lives, it means more and more of our private information is being entrusted into the hands of IoT companies. In 2016, IoT companies will be forced to increase security features to ensure users’ private information is safer than ever before.

However, I highly agree with security. No one wants their privacy disturbed. And I think it’s still gonna be a long way for software to be the king in 2016 especially in South East Asia. It is obvious that smart home hardware is not really huge this year. So probably 2016 will become the start of smart home demand in south east Asia.

source: The Next Web.

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