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100 meters Radius Cubeacon Card is Ready to Hit the Market

In a previous year, Cubeacon has been busy building up some market validation and also finding the needs of people about iBeacon technology. We notice that there are various needs from people. Which is why it becomes our reason to take our production to the next level. We are releasing a new product that can answer people’s need.

We are evolving Cubeacon Developer Kit Design into a brand new and smarter iBeacon form. The new Cubeacon design is changed into a smart card access. With this newest design, we hope that our product can deliver more various implementations for everyone.


Cubeacon Card is made for enterprise needs, with battery last up to 2 years and 100 meters range in an open space. Completed with 8bit AES Password, Cubeacon card is more secure in data transfer and security of card replication. We are also making The 128bit UUID Code, 2×16 bit major and minor can be set up “Over The Air” through a smartphone. Cubeacon Card supports iOS7 and Android 4.3 up and Bluetooth Protocol without pairing. For standard protocol of iBeacon, you can click here.

Cubeacon Card is suitable for presence solution, proximity, access control, tracking and identification.

The difference between Cubeacon Card with NFC/RFID


Cubeacon Card


Access Massive One-by-One
Proximity YES No
Signal Transmit Active Passive

Another basic difference between these two is an active RFID with 10-20 meter range needs a separate hardware to be the reader. Another problem might be the fact that RFID reader is quite expensive. This has also been a concern for Cubeacon to launch a reader with affordable price for iBeacon. That way, iBeacon implementation can be wider for everyone.

We might cannot compare Cubeacon Card and Passive RFID in term of price, but if we compare Cubeaon Card with Active RFID the price is quite competitive. While RFID needs an additional reader then connect it to PC/mini PC to conncet to the Internet, Cubeacon Card is more flexible because they can be read by smartphone.


Cubeacon has introduced Cubeacon Card in enterprise customers since January 2015. We are internally introducing our new product and making the best enterprise solution for them. Since December 2014 to August 2016, we started incubation for Cubeacon Card to test durability, keeping high quality, hardware, casing, also testing for water resistance.

For now, Cubeacon Card will be sold wholesale but we haven’t decide IS Cubeacon Card will be released in retail. We will begin to place our product on our website and Lazada for early release this beginning of September 2016.

For now, you can place your pre order on our contact cs@cubeacon.com our team will get in touch to you for your order.

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